Day 21: Nyquil

Nyquil is one of those things which I’ve known by reputation for years but never seen on a shelf, let alone tasted, because, well, America. As such it’s pretty representative of the the experience of this trip. It’s also awesome.

Twice a year I get my ‘seasonal cold-y-flu-y-thing’ (scientific term), which usually amounts to up to a week of runny/blocked noses, coughs, blocked ears, fevers, lack of sleep and other assorted manflu symptoms. It popped up this last weekend. Somebody at the hostel, upon seeing that I wasn’t feeling tops, offered me a shot of it before I went to bed. Damned if it didn’t knock me straight out, give me a solid and pleasant eight hours, and leave my nose mostly dry by the next day. This stuff is way stronger than any cold and flu medication I’ve ever had in Australia or the UK, and I want to bring a bunch home with me.


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