Day 19: Advertisments, Part 1

The first thing you notice about the difference between Australian, Canadian or British television compared to American television are the ads. There’s a few for the same sort of things – new cars nobody can afford, fast food restaurants, banks – but many are in a different style, looking like they were produced in the 90s and not changed since then. And then there’s the different, and the truly bizarre. This one is just about the ‘different’.

Video games are kind of a big deal these days, yeah? They sell a lot more than many movies or albums and the average age of someone who plays video games – an increasingly pointless description to use, like an inverse “someone who reads books” – is now in the 30s. In Australia, you wouldn’t realise this, but in the United States, it’s quite obvious. Ads for new video games are almost as popular as ads for new movies during ad breaks. More significantly, most of the time when gamers are depicted in said ads, they’re always at least in their mid-20s, and often look like they could be in their 40s. It’s curiously representative of the size and demographics of what is still, in Australia, unironically referred to as “The Gaming Community”.


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