Day 17: Big Government?

Being anti-‘big government’, whatever that term may mean at the time, has been the catchcry of American neoconservatives for the last 30+ years. And anyone who has had to deal with American bureaucracy knows why it’s such a popular rallying cry – my experience trying to simply buy a car has made me more familiar with it than I’d really like. Of course, it never works like that, and it’s just used as an excuse to gut social services so more money can be redirected to the military-industrial complex and corporate welfare, but that’s beside the point. The thing is that nobody wants to be associated with big government, and liberalism is hardly a pro-interventionist school of thought, either. So the vast majority of people in government in America sell themselves as anti-government.

Don Chipp, the late founder of the late Australian Democrats (no really guys, stop kidding yourselves) had great views on a lot of things. Asked about politicians he’d interacted with, he’d respond, “well, my first instinct was to punch them in the face” to more than half the names. One of his more memorable lines was about celibacy. Chipp believed that the only people who didn’t want, enjoy or regularly have sex were those who were no good at it.

Frequently, I think the same thing about most American politicians. They want smaller government because they’re no good at governance.


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