Day 16: Stuffabouts

I decided to purchase a van for my trip around the US. Now, I figured that it would probably be a similar process to how it works in Australia – a simple transfer of funds, taking the registration paperwork to the relevant office and getting it signed over to a new name.

Ha, ha, ha. Tell him he’s dreaming.

Go to one office. Wait in line for 45 minutes. Get told to go to another one. Wait half an hour there. Get paperwork. Sort out paperwork, then take it to another office. Get told one set of information. Come back a week later and get told contradictory information. Wait three weeks – three weeks! – for paperwork to get mailed to you.

All I can say is thank christ I’m buying from someone who’s been through this whole buying/selling malarkey before, because I’d be completely and utterly lost otherwise.


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